Physical Medicine Support for Muscles & Movement



We can help decrease pain and improve healing time for shoulders, backs, necks, knees, wrists, and more. We employ therapies such as electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), therapeutic ultrasound (US), therapy bands and tubing, KinesioTape, trigger point dry needling, balance balls and posture exercises. We also specialize in Inter-Muscular Stimulation protocols which combine EMS/TENS & Acupuncture to target the muscles and soft tissue for quicker reduction of pain, decreased healing time, and enhanced relaxation of the muscles and soft tissue.  For more advanced postural rehabilitation or pain management solutions, we work with fantastic providers in the area.


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Posture / Balance Exercises

Posture is key in helping the body function with as much energy and vitality as possible. We determine if people are happy or sad by how they hold themselves. How you stand, walk, and move tells others more about you than you may realize. If the posture / balance is off, the body must work harder to stay upright. You must twist and bend to take pressure off your joints and disc, leading to early and advanced wear and tear. In addition, digestion, respiration, and heart function can all be adversely affected. A properly moving body helps you look, feel, and function better. We can help you determine where your imbalance is, how to work on it at home, and monitor your successes and improvement through photo and video recording.



KinesioTape is a flexible tape that is gaining popularity daily. Patients are amazed how something so simple can make such a profound difference. Through stimulating blood and lymphatic flow, the body is able to bring nutrient rich blood to an area and remove debris and damaged tissue resulting in shortened healing time. It is used for injury prevention and recovery. KinesioTape increases neuromuscular re-education which will enhance the effectiveness of your rehab and exercises. From acute injuries to chronic dysfunction, discover the amazing results from KinesioTape.


Underwater Ultrasound

Underwater Ultrasound

Ultrasound Therapy

Deep heat offered through continuous ultrasound can be highly effective for the treatment of chronic / old injuries that need increased blood flow and healing stimulation. 

Pulsed Ultrasound is great for acute injuries like Sprains / Strains and "-itis" conditions like Bursitis (hip pain), Tendonitis (shoulder pain), Epicondylitis (elbow pain) , and Fasciitis (foot pain). Through a sonic wave, fluid is pushed and healing is stimulated.  When used in conjunction with acupuncture or chiropractic, and followed up with KinesioTape - amazing results can be expected.