Affordable, Fair & Upfront Pricing


We believe you should be able to use your insurance, your FSA, HSA or Medical payment Card, or none of the above if you choose.  We also don't think you should pay a copay greater than our actual charge - which is why we are in network with only a three companies.  While our parent company Medical Alternatives is happy to file your claims to your insurance for more acute cases involving more advanced therapies and support.  For supportive and preventative physical care we don't bill insurance as they considers this kind of care to not be medically necessary.  It is still helpful and important - but not payable by your auto insurance.   We will happily bill any insurance on your behalf - both in-network & out-of-network 

In Network:  Medicare / United Healthcare / Anthem BCBS

New Patient Exam & Treatment

Exam & Basic Visit (20min)              $49

Exam & Basic Visit (30min)              $59

Exam & Basic Visit (40min)              $69


basic visit

Chiropractic  Adjustment                  $39

Acupuncture / Dry Needling           $39



(when added to a visit)

Electrical Muscle Stimulation                  $10

Therapeutic Ultrasound                          $10 

Dry Needling as a 2nd Service                $10 

 KinesioTaping                                        $10 

Myofascial / Soft Tissue Therapy            $10



(when added to a visit)

Postural Rehab or Exercises      $10 -$30



6 Basic Treatments                   $192

12 Basic Treatments                  $348


Walk-in wellness ADJUSTMENT Plan*

Basic chiropractic or acupuncture wellness treatments to keep you healthy. Auto billed each month.  30 day cancellation required.  

4 Basic Visits per month                      $88/mo 

extra visits per month– only $12 each

2 Basic Visit per month                        $58/mo 

extra visits per month– only $16 each

Extra Therapies / Services added to a basic visit are only $10 each

*All of the above prices and plans are available to any insurance company or employer who wishes to pay for wellness care or prepaid care.