Modern methods for

reducing trigger points & restoring normal function.

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Dry Needling is a form of Acupuncture focused on reducing local and distal muscle spasms and abnormal muscle and joint neurology. As all of our acupuncture is provided by doctors, and not just someone with a license to perform acupuncture, your care will be based on neurological, orthopedic, and physiotherapy exams and testing.

Our clinics amazing success rate stems from the fact that unlike traditional acupuncturists who continue to focus on the energy aspects of acupuncture, we have developed a unique method of evaluation and administration of acupuncture that focuses on the impact acupuncture has on the neurological and mechanical function of the body.  Dr. Steven Vanden Hoek, DC, FASA has blended a variety of acupuncture styles (Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, German Electro, and Auricular) with Applied Kinesiology, Pulse Diagnosis,  Trigger Point Protocols, and Orthopedic & Neurological testing and therapy.  Let us show you how our unique evaluation, and individually tailored treatments can provide the needed support that you haven't been getting from other sources.

Acupuncture's great benefit to healing is that it helps restore neurological & chemical (blood flow) balance, which in turn restores normal function to the supporting structures and organs.  When the right diagnosis and treatment are administered, change can occur rapidly.  Muscles get stronger, movement improves as postural support is balanced, headaches calm and pain lessens.  This occurs through three mechanisms: 1.) Increasing local blood flow to the area of treatment, 2.) Stimulating chemicals that help the body heal quicker, 3.) Providing neurological feedback for increased response time.

Types of Acupuncture Protocols Provided:

  • Needle - Single use stainless steel or gold plated (for those with a nickle allergy)
  • ElectroAcupuncture - (With & Without Needles)
  • Laser (635nm Red for stimulation & 450nm Blue for sedation)
  • Cupping - suction based. No fire is used. Both Dry and Wet styles are available.
  • Auricular - needle and or press beads, needles, or ASP semi-permanent needles.