Because you can only treat what you first find.


Diagnostic Tests / Orders

Sometimes you need more information. We can order advanced studies like MRI, CT Scan, Xray, Ultrasound, EKG, NCV/EMG, and more to help find out why you aren't getting better. Whether you simply want to know if you sprained your ankle, have atrial fib, or wonder if you have diabetic neuropathy, we can help you find out. We will help you find a diagnostic center that best meets your financial needs.



Lab Orders

Time for your yearly blood work?  Not sure if you have diabetes? Worried about your cholesterol?  Think you picked up a parasite from your dog/cat?  We can help.  Through cooperation with local and national lab companies, we can order most any type of test. Through special discount agreements with companies like Quest Diagnostics, NeuroScience, and Doctors Data, we can offer significantly reduced fees for lab tests when paid in advance and collected at our office.  While we recommend the discounted method for those looking to improve their health through functional medicine, or to keep on eye on problem areas, if you do need to use your insurance, we can provide you with our recommendations, and either have your primary physician order them, or we will happily give you the order and have you go to a local draw center where they can bill your insurance.  We specialize in helping people discover what might be going on, and helping you manage things naturally. For those who need pharmaceuticals to help them achieve their goals, we will refer you to your primary doctor.  We provide supportive care for subclinical and functional issues, not for emergency issues that require medical supervision. 

Here are some of the labs we are able to run:

  • Neurotransmitters ~ which may affect mood, energy levels, sleep, and stress handling.
  • Food Allergies & Sensitivities - both IgE & IgG testing to determine what foods to avoid.
  • Vitamin Recommendation Tests - discover what supplements you actually need, and if they are helping.
  • Hormone Testing - both blood and saliva. For use with Thyroid, Adrenals, Bio-Identical Hormones, etc