As part of your treatment plan, the Doctor may have recommended some exercises, or provided you with a brochure or handout to help improve your condition.  Below are some of the more common brochures provided in our clinic.  Feel free to browse them, and ask the Doctor if they think you may benefit from one or more of the suggestions.


How often should someone need Acupuncture? Great question - let’s talk about that.

Dr. Steven Vanden Hoek, DC, FASA shares a little about his training and experience, and shares how his unique style of care blended with his Father's experience (Dr. Gerald Vanden Hoek, DC) has created a place where people are getting better, feeling better, and staying better.
Kinesio Taping protocol I use in my office for sprained / strained ankles, ankle weakness, support during rehab, or post manipulation from chronic fixation / subluxation.
Sorry about the orientation - but great video of my father Dr. Gerry adjusting my nephew at his house. He will get to crying and won't be able to stop for up to 45 min. Why? Usually because he fell and jammed a joint in his back or neck.
20% of the average person's income is now spent on healthcare. Research (and my own family's trials) show that people who get chiropractic care on a regular basis tend to have a reduction in overall healthcare cost.

This video is about using KinesioTape to help correct functional hip flexion weakness, support therapy to prevent bunions, and help with people with hallux limitus (poor moving 1st toe) that is functional and not structural in nature.