Medical Alternatives Corp

2201 S. Brentwood Bldv., Suite 103

Brentwood, MO 63144

P: (314) 667-8864   F: (314) 717-0010


We are located in the Lower Level of the Howe Building at the corner of S. Brentwood & Moritz - directly across the street from Mobile "On The Run".  Parking is available along the South and West sides of the building with Handicap Parking on the West Side.  The North Side of the building (side facing towards Hwy 40/I-64) is wheelchair accessible and closest to the bathrooms. The South Side, while more attractive, has 6 steps and can be difficult if in pain.  

Office Hours

Mon - Thurs        8am - 12pm & 2pm - 6pm 

Friday                      8am - 5pm

Saturday                  8am - 12pm 

Sunday                       Closed

Urgent Care / After Hours -- if you are suffering and need help after hours, or on Sunday - please give Dr. Gerry a call and he can usually come meet you at the office. 

Dr. Gerry - C: (314) 299-1524

What Our Building Looks Like

From Outside

What Our Office Looks Like

From Inside