Orthopedic Acupuncture

Acupuncture's great benefit to healing is that it helps restore neurological balance, which in turn restores normal function to the supporting structures and tissue.  When the right diagnosis and treatment are administered, change can occur rapidly.  Muscles get stronger, movement improves as postural support is balanced, pain lessens and life becomes more enjoyable. As all of our acupuncture is provided by doctors, and not just someone with a license to perform acupuncture, your care will be based on neurological, orthopedic, and physiotherapy exams and testing.

Our clinics amazing success rate stems from the fact that unlike traditional acupuncturists who continue to focus on the energy aspects of acupuncture, we have developed a unique method of evaluation and administration of acupuncture that focuses on the impact acupuncture has on the neurological and mechanical function of the body.  Dr. Steven Vanden Hoek, DC, FASA has blended a variety of acupuncture styles (German, French, Japanese and Taiwanese) with Applied Kinesiology, Pulse Diagnosis and Orthopedic Trigger Point / Dry Needling Protocols to create a unique one of a kind treatment here in the St. Louis area. Let us show you how our unique evaluation, and individually tailored treatments can provide the needed support that you haven't been getting from other sources.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling technically differentiates traditional acupuncture needle insertion vs wet needling which is a form of capillary blood letting. Recently is has be adapted to mean the treatment of muscle spasms / trigger points that respond to non-fluid based injection. This form of Acupuncture is focused on reducing local and distal muscle spasms and abnormal muscle and joint neurology. 

Acupucture Injections / Homeopuncture

trigger point.jpeg

One of the greatest gifts to healing is nature. We have been blesses with so many natural materials that help create balance and healing within the body. It is the use of these gifts in the form of homeopathics and foods like vitamins, minerals, herbals, etc. that allow us to impact the human potential so rapidly. At Medical Alternatives we have been providing acupuncture injections / homeopuncture since 2011 with amazing results for orthopedic and pain based conditions. While many people fear needles, and particularly injections, we have found that for most people the needles we very well tolerated with only minimal and temporary discomfort. For most patients, the savings in time (both the duration of the visit and the number of treatments needed) is well worth the minimal increase in discomfort.