Welcome to our practice

Our name isn't by accident - and neither is you being here.

We are excited you found us and would love to be of help. But let's get real - we aren't for everyone - and we may not be for you. You deserve more than the same old 2 minute chiropractic adjustment, cookie cutter acupuncture, a print out of way to many exercises, or the latest fad diet or pill.   After 25+ years of offering natural and affordable healthcare - we understand what it takes to get out of pain, gain stability, and maintain your improvements.

So what really makes us different?

Four things:

  1. The evaluations we perform is unique from person to person based on your history, wants, and needs. This help us gain a deeper understanding of what brought you current state of health.

  2. Having the experience to know how to blend a wide variety of services, therapies, and tools toward your unique needs for optimal recovery. Over 25 years of practice have allowed us to know when a therapy is or isn't working. We don't need 12 visits to know - we (and you know) in as little as 2 to 3 visits if we need to change your treatment approach.

  3. Standing by your side while you heal and transform from weak and susceptible to re-injury, to a strong and dynamic state of health. We get that navigating the healthcare world can be frustrating. Who else should you see to optimize your outcome? What kind of care should you get? How long should recovery / repair take? These are all tough questions - and we can help you find the answers that work best for you.

  4. Knowing how to help you transition from active therapy to supportive prevention therapy. At some point, the reason you came to visit us will be improved or resolved. At that point - we are here to help you keep the improvement you gained.


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