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Our name isn't by accident - and neither is you being here.

We are excited you found us and would love to be of help. But let's get real - we aren't for everyone - and we may not be for you. If all you're wanting is the same old 2 minute chiropractic adjustment, cookie cutter mystical acupuncture, an ambiguous print out of vague exercises, or the lates fad diet that is a discover of some ancient secret -  then let us help you find another provider.   After 25+ years of offering natural and affordable healthcare - we realize there is no shortage of doctors or therapist willing to offer you just enough care to either cover up your symptoms or use up your insurance benefits - but that is not us.  We are here to help you get better - and stay better. 

While we use a blend of many of the same traditional and modern treatment options as other health care providers, what sets us apart is not the actual tools we use - but in how and why we use them. Because honesty - does it really matter what tool or technique is used you get better?  So what really makes us different?  Four things:

  1. The evaluations we perform is unique from person to person based on your history, wants, and needs. This help us gain a deeper understanding of what brought you current state of health.
  2. Having the experience to know how to blend a wide variety of tools toward your unique needs for optimal recovery. Over 25 years of practice have allowed us to know when a therapy is or isn't working.  We don't need 12 visits to know - we (and you know) in as little as 1-3 visits if we need to change treatment models.
  3. Standing by your side to help and motivate you as you heal and transform from a weak and susceptible, to strong and dynamic state of health. We get that sometimes you need help navigating the healthcare world - and we want to help. 
  4. Knowing how to help you transition from active therapy to supportive / prevention therapy. As some point, the reason you came to visit us will be improved or resolved.  At that point - we are here to help you move to the next level if you want, or simply help you keep the improvement you gained. 


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