Affordable, Fair & Upfront Pricing


We believe that long term relationships are built on trust and openness.  As such, we post our prices online. Why? Because we believe it is the right thing to do.  As such, we charge everyone the same price - you, your neighbor, your insurance company.  While many of our competitors charge as much as possible on each visit, we don't believe in gouging you, or making you sign up for long term treatment plans or monthly auto debit contracts.  We believe you should be able to use your insurance, your HSA or Medical payment Card, or neither if you choose.  We also believe in fair payment for our care, so if we happen to be out-of- network for your insurance plan, we we would be happy to help you file for them, but we do require payment at time of service.  We are providers for, an in network for most plans, with the following insurance companies.

Medicare / United Healthcare / Choice Plus / UMR  / CMR  / First Health   

Multiplan  / Multilink  / Align / Optum / Cigna  / Healthlink



New patient exam & Consult

Minor Straightforward (10 min)     $39

Moderate Complexity (20 min)      $49

High Complexity  (30 min)             $59



Spinal Only                  $39

Spinal & Extremity       $49


Acupuncture / cupping

15 min       $39

30 min       $49


Chiropractic & Acupuncture

 Spinal Adjustment & 15 min Acupuncture                        $59

Spinal / Extremity Adjustments & 15 min Acupuncture     $69

Spinal Adjustment & 30 min Acupuncture                        $69

Spinal / Extremity Adjustments & 30 min Acupuncture     $79 


Passive Physical Therapies

Electrical Muscle Stimulation       $10

Therapeutic Ultrasound                $10 

Mechanical Traction                     $10


Active physical Therapies

 Dry Needling                             $20

KinesioTaping                   $10 - $20

Postural Rehab / per 15min        $20