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While most people think of chiropractic as only a treatment method (the adjustment), chiropractic is a healthcare profession that encompasses the treatment of almost all human ailments without the use of drugs or surgery.  The adjustment is only one of the many therapies and treatments utilized by a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Started in the late 1800's by D.D. Palmer, chiropractic manipulation began as a simple form of therapy.  Over a hundred years later, Doctors of Chiropractic are now the largest and most comprehensive providers of natural healthcare in the country. 

Our doctors understand what it's like to be in pain.  We understand the personal cost to family, work, and the activities that matter most to us.  We don't settle for the "that's good enough" attitudes in our clinic.  We believe in doing what it takes to truly figure out what you need to get better and stay better. We too are tired of doctors performing mediocre exams, quick in-and-out treatments, and taking the attitude that even if you aren't getting better, we should just keep doing the same thing and hope all gets better. That's why we strive to help discover your body's unique patterns of correction and your potential to heal.  We truly believe that when the body is balanced and the obstacles are removed, you will rediscover what it means to feel great.

While many people know Chiropractors can help with back and neck pain, what most don't realize is that the manipulative therapy used by Doctors of Chiropractic is only one of the therapies they use to help people get better and stay better.  Trained in all manners of disease and health, Doctors of Chiropractic are fully trained to treat all human ailments without the use of drugs or surgery.

That is why we offer labs, nutritional therapies, counseling, classes, physiotherapy, and more.  Did you know that Chiropractors are responsible for pushing for the acceptance of acupuncture in this country? Did you know the first degree of Physical Therapy was offered to a Chiropractor by a Chiropractic School?  As the leaders of natural health in the past and present, you can be assured we are the true Medical Alternatives.

Types of Chiropractic Manipulative Protocols

While many different types of therapy are available, the Doctor's at Medical Alternative will combine / use only those techniques they feel are safe and most likely to speed your recovery.  So lets looks at the techniques available.


Diversified Technique

The standard in chiropractic manipulation, diversified is the standard approach of pushing, twisting, and "cracking" joints through the use of the Doctor's hands.  This is the universally taught method of adjusting that virtually all Chiropractors learn.

While many patients love this method due to its almost immediate sense of relief, many patients find it too aggressive, or have conditions that make it unsafe to use.  For these patients we offer several other styles of adjustments.


Logan Basic Technique

Hands down, one of our Doctor's favorite methods of treating patients.  Logan Basic is a style created by Dr. Hugh B. Logan, founder of Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, MO. Through the use of leverage and low force torque, the Doctor is able to relax the muscles in the spine, thus allowing for movement of the vertebrae with only slight pressure. 

This style is fantastic for those in spasm, severe pain, surgical fusions, infants, with stroke risk, or osteoporitic.  Both Dr. Steve and Dr. Gerald have used this method since the day they opened their clinic with tremendous results. 

The only downside is ~ time.  While this is a fantastic approach, due to the finesse it requires, and the mild movement achieved, many patients find it may take a few more visits to achieved their desired relief.  That being said, we almost always incorporate this treatment with our other techniques as it tends to have a much more lasting affect than other methods.


Cox Flexion / Distraction Technique

Disc injuries, spastic lower back muscles, and scolosis respond well to this style care.  Developed by an Osteopathic Doctor (Dr. Cox), the Cox Flexion / Distraction method has become the gold standard in traction therapy for patient with disc injuries, herniations, and ruptures.  By gently flexion, and distracting the lower back, we are able to create a pumping mechanism which slowly takes pressure off the disc, associated nerves, and surrounding tissue.  This pumping motion helps re-hydrate the disc and improve blood flow to the region, thus enhancing recovery.  While not used on every patient, those with lower back pain find this a gift sent from heaven.


Drop Table Technique

While this treatment is loud (as pieces of the table are slightly lifted about 2" and then pushed down - thus making a booming noise), it is rather gentle - and effective.  The quick dropping of the table piece creates a very mild sheering affect to the joint being treated.  This mild action allow for maximal movement, with minimal strain to the surrounding soft tissue.  Sometimes a series of drops are made to ensure full movement of the joint. 


Activator / Impulse Adjuster Technique

An activator is a hand held mechanical adjusting tool designed to place a very controlled and focused thrust to a very small area. The Doctor has complete control of the amount of pressure and location of the instrument, thus providing a very specific desired result.  Much like Logan Basic Technique, this method is usually very gentle, but requires more visits to achieve desired results due to the reduced force being applied to the area of problem.  This technique is great for those scared of other techniques, or who have health conditions that require a lighter touch.

The Impulse Adjuster is a electric hand hand version of the mechanical adjusting tool with three different levels of force, three different tips for varying joint types, and between one to seven rapid movements, the Impulse Adjuster is a fantastic tool for when the more traditional methods just don't seem to work. 



Traditional & Modern methods

for restoring the body's natural energetic balance.


Acupuncture is more than just inserting needles.  It's a way of discovering and treating deficiencies in circulation, energy, neurological function, adaptation patterns, and organ dysfunction. As all of our acupuncture is provided by Doctors, and not just someone with an acupuncture license, your care will be based on both an eastern method evaluation, as well an neurological, orthopedic, and electro-diagnostic measurements.

Our clinics amazing success rate stems from the fact that unlike traditional acupuncturists who continue to focus on the energy aspects of acupuncture, we have developed a unique method of evaluation and administration of acupuncture that focuses on the impact acupuncture has on the neurological and mechanical function of the body.  Dr. Steven Vanden Hoek, DC, FASA has blended a variety of acupuncture styles (Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, German Electro, and Auricular) with Applied Kinesiology, Pulse Diagnosis, AcuGraph Digital Imaging, Trigger Point Protocols, and Orthopedic & Neurological testing and therapy.  Let us show you how our unique evaluation, and individually tailored treatments can provide the needed support that you haven't been getting from other sources.


Acupuncture's great benefit to healing is that it helps restore neurological & chemical (blood flow) balance, which in turn restores normal function to the supporting structures and organs.  When the right diagnosis and treatment are administered, change can occur rapidly.  Muscles get stronger, movement improves as postural support is balanced, headaches calm and pain lessens.  This occurs through three mechanisms: 1.) Increasing local blood flow to the area of treatment, 2.) Stimulating chemicals that help the body heal quicker, 3.) Providing neurological feedback for increased response time.

Types of Acupuncture Protocols Provided:

  • Needle - Single use stainless steel or Gold plated for those with a nickle allergy
  • ElectroAcupuncture - (With & Without Needles)
  • Laser (635nm Red for stimulation & 450nm Blue for sedation)
  • Cupping - suction based. No fire is used. Both Dry and Wet styles are available.
  • Auricular - needle and or press beads, needles, or ASP semi-permanent needles.

Physical Medicine Support for Muscles & Movement



We have specialized programs for decreasing pain and improving healing time for shoulders, backs, necks, knees, wrists, and more. We employ therapies such as electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), therapeutic ultrasound, therapy bands and tubing, kinesiotape, trigger point dry needling, balance balls and posture exercises. We also specialize in Inter-Muscular Stimulation protocols which combine EMS/TENS & Acupuncture to target the muscles and soft tissue for quicker reduction of pain, decreased healing time, and enhanced relaxation of the muscles and soft tissue.  For more advanced postural rehabilitation or pain management solutions, we work with fantastic providers in the area.


posture balance.jpg

Posture / Balance Exercises

Posture is key in helping the body function with as much energy and vitality as possible. We determine if people are happy or sad by how they hold themselves. How you stand, walk, and move tells others more about you than you may realize. If the posture / balance is off, the body must work harder to stay upright. You must twist and bend to take pressure off your joints and disc, leading to early and advanced wear and tear. In addition, digestion, respiration, and heart function can all be adversely affected. A properly moving body helps you look, feel, and function better. We can help you determine where your imbalance is, how to work on it at home, and monitor your successes and improvement through photo and video recording.



KinesioTape is a flexible tape that is gaining popularity daily. Patients are amazed how something so simple can make such a profound difference. Through stimulating blood and lymphatic flow, the body is able to bring nutrient rich blood to an area and remove debris and damaged tissue resulting in shortened healing time. It is used for injury prevention and recovery. KinesioTape increases neuromuscular re-education which will enhance the effectiveness of your rehab and exercises. From acute injuries to chronic dysfunction, discover the amazing results from KinesioTape.


Underwater Ultrasound

Underwater Ultrasound

Ultrasound Therapy

Deep heat offered through continuous ultrasound can be highly effective for the treatment of chronic / old injuries that need increased blood flow and healing stimulation. 

Pulsed Ultrasound is great for acute injuries like Sprains / Strains and "-itis" conditions like Bursitis (hip pain), Tendonitis (shoulder pain), Epicondylitis (elbow pain) , and Fasciitis (foot pain). Through a sonic wave, fluid is pushed and healing is stimulated.  When used in conjunction with acupuncture or chiropractic, and followed up with KinesioTape - amazing results can be expected.



Because you can only treat what you first find.


Diagnostic Tests / Orders

Sometimes you need more information. We can order advanced studies like MRI, CT Scan, Xray, Ultrasound, EKG, NCV/EMG, and more to help find out why you aren't getting better. Whether you simply want to know if you sprained your ankle, have atrial fib, or wonder if you have diabetic neuropathy, we can help you find out. We will help you find a diagnostic center that best meets your financial needs.



Lab Orders

Time for your yearly blood work?  Not sure if you have diabetes? Worried about your cholesterol?  Think you picked up a parasite from your dog/cat?  We can help.  Through cooperation with local and national lab companies, we can order most any type of test. Through special discount agreements with companies like Quest Diagnostics, NeuroScience, and Doctors Data, we can offer significantly reduced fees for lab tests when paid in advance and collected at our office.  If you need to use your insurance, we can provide you with our recommendations, and have your primary physician order them, or we will happily give you an order and have you go to a local draw center where they can bill your insurance.  We specialize in helping people discover what might be going on, and helping you manage things naturally.  For those who need pharmaceuticals to help them achieve their goals, we will refer you to your primary doctor.  We provide supportive care for subclinical and functional issues, not for emergency issues that require medical supervision. 

Here are some of the labs we are able to run:

  • Neurotransmitters ~ which may affect mood, energy levels, sleep, and stress handling.
  • Food Allergies & Sensitivities - both IgE & IgG testing to determine what foods to avoid.
  • Heavy Metal Testing - either through hair samples or urinary chelation.
  • Vitamin Recommendation Tests - discover what supplements you actually need, and if they are helping.
  • Hormone Testing - both blood and saliva. For use with Thyroid, Adrenals, Bio-Identical Hormones, etc



As part of your treatment plan, the Doctor may have recommended some exercises, or provided you with a brochure or handout to help improve your condition.  Below are some of the more common brochures provided in our clinic.  Feel free to browse them, and ask the Doctor if they think you may benefit from one or more of the suggestions.